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Take control of your farm biosecurity

The recent diagnosis of Johnes Disease in sheep on a property in Northern NSW is a timely reminder of the importance of enacting your Farm Biosecurity Plan.

Johnes Disease in sheep is a notifiable disease but diagnosis of the disease on farm does not lead to quarantines or compulsory eradication. It is however a disease that can have significant production and management costs if it becomes established.

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Vet, Andrew Biddle says the best way to manage the risk of introducing disease with livestock is to determine their disease status prior to purchase.

“The National Sheep Health Statement provides the prospective purchaser with information about vaccinations, drenches and diseases such as Johnes Disease and footrot.

“After animals are introduced to the property they should be kept separate from the home flock for as long as possible and observed for health issues. Management practices such as quarantine drenching and vaccinations should happen at this time”, said Andrew.

The other important component of biosecurity is maintaining a stock proof boundary fence. Good fences make good neighbours and well maintained fences are the key.

Visit the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services website for a biosecurity plan template for your enterprise.

If you require more information on Johnes Disease or any other animal health matter contact your Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Veterinarians:

Media contact: Annabelle Monie on 0429 626 326