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Love thy neighbour..... including the TSR

Ross Fuller, TSR Team Leader

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services is responsible for managing 46,700 hectares of Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) which means we have many neighbours right across the region. We are committed to maintaining a neighbourly friendship with landholders who own farms alongside TSRs.

Recently, we have worked closely with our neighbours around Walcha to clear fence lines and repair fences following the devastating December storm and have worked with neighbouring farmers near Armidale on a native revegetation project.

Landholders routinely talk to their neighbours before repairing or replacing fences on their boundaries and replacing boundary fences which border the ‘Long Paddock’ is the same – it is all part of maintaining good relationships.

When we are notified that a fence is down, we can make sure there are no travelling stock passing through that will stray onto properties.

TSRs are also widely valued for conservation, Aboriginal culture and recreation. TSRs are home to endangered native vegetation communities and also act as wildlife corridors. They provide a food source and habitat for endangered fauna species such as koalas, Regent Honeyeaters, sugar gliders, and quolls which have been spotted along a number of TSRs in our region.

It is our job to maintain the TSRs so that everyone benefits from them. We appreciate most people do the right thing but when someone steps outside permitted activities, we have a responsibility to protect the interests of the whole community.

We regularly visit farmers who plan to replace fences along TSRs or work on access roads, to reach an agreement for these activities to go ahead. We provide a letter of authority that outlines what we have agreed with the landholder and that gives the surety that they are working within the legislation.

The most common illegal activity on TSRs is the collection of firewood, particularly at this time of year. Fallen timber and standing dead trees provide excellent habitat for native animals so the removal of timber threatens their survival.

We appreciate the efforts of our neighbours and the Northern Tablelands community in working with us to make sure the TSRs are in good condition now and in the future.

For more information on permitted activities on TSRs please contact Ross Fuller on 0429 909 827.

Media contact: Annabelle Monie on 0429 626 323