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Schools Property Planning Competition

High school agriculture students from across the Northern Tablelands will be participating in the 2019 Schools Property Planning Competition with a field day at Bald Blair, Guyra on Wednesday 2 May.

The Schools Property Planning Competition assists teachers in the delivery of property planning and sustainable farm management practices and principles to their agricultural students. Participating either individually or in small groups, students are given the scenario that they are consultants contracted by the landholder to prepare a property plan to ensure profitability and sustainability of the farm business.

The learning outcomes link to the Agriculture Stage 6 Subject 'Farm Case Study' and the competition is targeted at students in year 11. Participation in the competition is free.


Each participating school must print out and bring along to the field day their own manual and worksheet booklets. Northern Tablelands Local Land Services will provide maps of 'Bald Blair' for schools to use and take home from the field day.

The Schools Property Planning Competition Manual: Bald Blair (PDF 4.4MB) provides all of the background information and resources required to complete the property plan.