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Education and training

Local Land Services encourages people from school students to land managers to town residents to develop skills and knowledge in agriculture, natural resource management and related fields. Our support may be financial, technical or practical.

We do this by:

  • initiating and facilitating educational opportunities
  • attending and participating in activities organised by other organisations
  • funding individuals and groups to attend training and educational events

Local people are supported to learn more through many activities, including:

  • workshops
  • conferences: local, national and international
  • field days
  • public meetings
  • agricultural and town shows
  • fishing competitions
  • photographic competitions
  • school visits

Farm Planning

Take your farm from where it is now to where it needs to be.

  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Maintain farm viability in the long term
  • Maximise profit through improving your natural resource base
  • Gain access to technical specialists
  • Learn from other farmers

The Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Farm Planning course is:

  • Delivered free of charge to landholders in the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services region, including all materials, an aerial image of your farm, morning tea and lunch.
  • Tailored to your local area and includes on-farm visits for practical application
  • Delivered by face-to-face small group training in your local area
  • Run over 5 days spread over several months
  • Aligned with the national unit of competency AHCAGB505A Develop a Whole Farm Plan

Course Foundations:

Image showing icons to illustrate foundations of farm planning course

Farm Planning empowers you to:

  • Enhance your capacity to utilise free resources
  • Identify opportunities for property improvements with potential to improve property value.
  • Understand what drives farm profit and discover opportunities for business improvement.
  • Focus on factors within your control.
  • Manage risks proactively
  • Build resilience to withstand future climate variability
  • Develop a framework for fulfilling your farms potential

Meet new people. Learn together. Find out what other farmers are doing.

Contact Kim Deans on 0448 182 183 or to participate in a group, or talk to your neighbours and get a group together.