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Moving stock

Australia is a world leader in disease control and traceability of stock consigned for human consumption. To maintain this status, stock activity needs to be monitored.

All movement of stock must be accompanied by the appropriate form of documentation and meet the necessary National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) requirements to ensure stock activity can be monitored and to assist in the tracing of disease. Owners will also require a Property Identification Code before trading or moving cattle, sheep, goats or pigs in NSW.

What you need to do before moving stock

Your Local Land Services office can tell you what the requirements are for moving stock and can help you obtain the correct paperwork for your type of stock movement. Forms that may be required for the movement of stock include Transported Stock Statements (TSS), National Vendor Declarations (NVD), Animal Health Statements and stock permits.

National Livestock Identification System database

The NLIS database must be updated for any movement, agistment or sale of sheep, goats and cattle. This is generally the responsibility of the purchaser/receiver.

For detailed information on these procedures call the NLIS hotline on 1800 654 743 (1800 NLIS ID) or visit the DPI website.

Stock movement documentation

National Vendor Declarations

National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) are required for any movement of stock that is to be sold – to processors, to saleyards or for private sales.

They can also be used for movements of stock between properties with different Property Identification Codes (PICs) if a Transported Stock Statement is not used, for example in the case of agistment or local movements.

Producers must obtain NVD documents through Meat and Livestock Australia's Livestock Production Assurance scheme. Visit the Meat and Livestock Australia website or call their hotline on 1800 683 111.

Stock movements accompanied by an NVD do not require a Transported Stock Statement (TSS).

Transported Stock Statements

A Transported Stock Statement (TSS) is required for any movement of stock without an National Vendor Declaration (NVD), eg transporting stock for agistment. TSS can be purchased from your Local Land Services office.

Animal Health Statements

Animal health statements for cattle, sheep and goats are not mandatory in NSW, however they may be required for some stock movements especially interstate or through particular saleyards.

As part of showground biosecurity and the management of animal health, agricultural show societies require exhibitors to complete a declaration on the health status of animals participating in shows.

Download animal health statement forms and show health declarations from Animal Health Australia's Farm Biosecurity website.

Stock permits

Contact your local office on 1300 795 299 to obtain a stock movement permit. Permit fees may vary from region to region so contact Local Land Services before you send in your application form.

There are four classes of stock permits as outlined under the Local Land Services Act 2013:

  • Walking Stock Permit
  • Grazing Stock Permit
  • Roadside Grazing Stock Permit
  • Annual Stock Movement Permit