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Mixed farming

Mixed farming is the term that applies to many producers who have diversified their farming across cropping and livestock production.  A portion of their farm will be under crop every year and also in a pasture phase where the livestock can be run.

A dairy farm growing quantities of fodder crops and dual purpose crops can also be considered a mixed farm.

Land-holders can dramatically reduce the risked effect of events such as drought and frost by diversifying their farming. Mixed farming can also act as a buffer from global market changes.

Some of the challenges that mixed farmers face include adopting new genetics and varieties, managing pests and diseases, improving animal health and using production systems that preserve and improve natural resources.

How Local Land Services can help

Local Land Services (LLS) will assist mixed farmers tackle these challenges to create a brighter and productive future for regional NSW well into the future. LLS works closely with organisations such as the Department of Primary Industries to provide up to date technical advice and support and deliver research outcomes on-farm.

LLS are pivotal in the delivery of education programs such as the Tocal Skills Training courses, including Lucerne management online. They will coordinate local producer groups on timely and locally relevant topics such as crop selection, animal husbandry, pasture management, disease management and soil moisture management.

Advice and assistance

Call 1300 795 299 to get in touch with a Local Land Services Officer.

Industry collaborators and resources

NSW Farmers
NSW Farmers is a group run by NSW farmers to offer hands on advice and news.

NSW Department of Primary Industries
The Department of Primary Industries works to develop and sustain diverse, profitable food and fibre industries, and ensures best practice management of our natural resources.