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State Strategic Plan

The Minister for Primary Industries endorsed the State Strategic Plan and 11 local strategic plans after a six-week consultation period in 2015.

The community, our customers and key stakeholders were consulted in a variety of ways, including individual briefings, public meetings, community advisory groups and via the online engagement tool, LLS Open.

More than 270 submissions were received regarding the 12 draft plans, with all feedback being recorded, prioritised and, where appropriate, incorporated into the final plans.

State Strategic Plan: 2016-26

The State Strategic Plan sets the vision and goals for Local Land Services for the next 10 years and outlines the strategies through which these goals will be achieved.  It defines organisational priorities and outlines the way services will be delivered to build resilient communities and meet local needs.

State Strategic Plan at a Glance

State Strategic Plan 2016-26

Local Strategic Plans: 2016-21

Each of the 11 Local Land Services regions has developed a local strategic plan.  Each region has identified local priorities and determined how the goals and strategies of the State Strategic Plan are best achieved.

The local strategic plans define the specific actions and priorities to deliver these strategies.  They are tailored to meet the issues, risks and opportunities that characterise the communities, industries and landscapes of that region.