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Local Land Services produces a range of publications relating to our programs and services. These are listed below and linked from the relevant sections of this website.

These publications are provided in PDF format for online viewing or download. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free online. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Selected publications from predecessor agencies such as the Catchment Management Authorities and Livestock Health and Pest Authorities are available in archival format by searching the Archive Site.

Print publications may also be available for loan from a NSW library. See the NSW State Library catalogue,State Library of New South Wales, or talk to the staff at your local library.

Northern Tablelands Local Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The Northern Tablelands Local Strategic Plan 2016-2021 shows how business systems, functions and services of Northern Tablelands Local Land Services integrate to provide value for money for our customers, stakeholders and investors.

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Investment Plan 2025

The Northern Tablelands Investment Plan 2025 brings together actions under the four pillars of Local Land Services. It represents a document that will guide investment and inform our partners of the direction of the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services over the next ten years. At its heart is working with the community to ensure we have a safe and secure agriculture industry.

Annual Reports

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Annual Report 2015 (PDF 1.29MB)

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Annual Report 2014

Land Facts

Early Weaning LF-AP-01 (PDF 139.9KB)

Lamb Marketing LF-AP-02 (PDF 177KB)

Grazing Lucerne - health & disease issues LF-AP-04 (PDF 183KB)

Feeding Cereal Grain to Livestock LF-AP-05 (PDF 143KB)

Native Revegetation Establishment Guidelines (PDF 324KB)

Oats and Your Winter Feed Program (PDF 194KB)

Soil Health Factsheets

Soil Health Factsheet - Gully Erosion Control

Soil Health Factsheet - Paddock Subdivision

Soil Health Factsheet - Conservation Farming

Landscape Restoration Equipment Factsheet

Landscape Restoration Equipment

Threatened Ecological Communities Factsheets

TEC Factsheet - Box Gum Grassy Woodland

TEC Factsheet - Semi Evergreen Vine Thicket

TEC Factsheet - Natural Grasslands

TEC Factsheet - Weeping Myall

TEC Factsheet - Coolibah Blackbox Woodland

TEC Factsheet - Brigalow